A Selkie’s Magic by Lana Lea Short

A Selkie’s Magic by Lana Lea Short

Aileana Sutherland is a strong-willed, independent young Southern California surfer, who decides to move to Scotland her father’s homeland. She’s prompted to relocate after an awful heart-wrenching break-up with her boyfriend, who she caught him having sex with another woman.

She wants only to escape the painful memories of his betrayal. She knows she needs a change of scenery and decides to stay at her grandmother’s cottage while her heart heals. Aileana is sure time and distance are what she needs to get over her heartbreak. Her grandmother’s Highland home on the sea cliffs outside of Durness, Scotland calls to her soul. As a writer, she is able to work anywhere. She’s writing a piece on oil well platforms located offshore near her grandmother’s home, which makes Scotland the perfect place to lick her wounds and move on with her life.

Instead, she runs into a man from her past, Kendrick Morgan. A man with gorgeous long, dark hair with the body of a god; a man with a secret. He happens to be a shapeshifting Selkie Prince, a creature of Celtic myths and legends. Subsequently, she learns her family has ties to the Selkies of Durness, which she had thought only to exist in the Scottish folktales her grandmother told her as a child.

Kendrick and his Selkie clan are tasked with protecting the locals from evil Unseelies in the form of Finfolk. There have been reports of kidnapping, but when Aileana’s abducted, will Kendrick be able to save the woman he’s given his heart to?

Kendrick helps her heart mend and her feelings for him grow as she starts to let love back into her life. Now Kendrick strives to convince her there’s magic in a Selkie’s love. Their worlds collide and tangle with lust and passion when she trusts her heart to her Selkie lover.

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