What’s Luck Got to Do With It by Kel Bruem

What’s Luck Got to Do With It by Kel Bruem

Grumpy/Sunshine, He Falls First, Hidden Identities, Forbidden Love, He Has How Many Eggplants?!, Meddling Best Friends, Secret Societies, Boston in the Fall

“All the positive feels. This book is a great mashup of romance and fantasy where I got a glimpse of new-to-me shifters, leprechauns, and mersharks.” –Reader review, 4 stars

“I recommend this to everyone looking for an adorable and sexy paranormal romance that will suck you in and make you wish you were living right there among the characters.”–Reader review, 5 stars

Caiomhe Ryan is the luckiest girl in Boston—she has a great job, a cute apartment, and a ride-or-die best friend. All her ancestral luck as a leprechaun doesn’t hurt either.

When she takes a chance on an urgent client, the mysterious man at the heart of a scandal has her wondering how much longer she can keep herself a secret.

Leith Riordan just wants to drive boats by day and turn back into a merman at night—as simple as that.

All his plans are destroyed, however, when a single lost temper lands him in a viral social media storm—and on Caiomhe Ryan’s client roster.

He knows his life can’t go back to being simple. After all, it’s not easy to tell a beautiful woman you’re actually a merman.

Sparks fly and porridge burns when these two magical beings in the heart of Boston must decide if they can hide their real identity from the public while still being true to one another—and themselves.

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