A Selkie’s Wicked Ways by Lana Lea Short

A Selkie’s Wicked Ways by Lana Lea Short

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Adaira only wanted a hot hookup. One night of unbridled passion before she left California to start her new job in Scotland. Life—loved throwing obstacles in her path, screwing with her well-laid plans. When Adaira’s hookup, turns out to be a blood relative to her sister’s fiancé, things got complicated. However, nothing compares to learning Mr. Hot and Nasty, who gave her a night of lovemaking she’ll never forget—is a Selkie. A mythological creature straight out of her grandmother’s fairy tales; only the stories never mentioned Selkies scorching sexual appetite.

Duncan’s holiday to Los Angeles was biker perfection. A house on the beach and Harley motorcycles in the garage. He and his friend enjoyed all Southern California offered. Numerous nightclubs and different women each night, every Selkie’s ideal holiday. That dream trip just got a lot more complicated. Back home in Scotland, his brother introduces him to his fiancé’s sister, newly arrived from the States. Adaira, the woman who vanished the morning after without a word. But for some reason he would rather not explore; he can’t get her off his mind.

This story features alternating POVs by chapter. This is a non-cliffhanger, with a HEA. A Selkie Wicked Ways is the second in The Selkies Heart series.

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