Bonded to the Purple Alien by Lilith Leana

Bonded to the Purple Alien by Lilith Leana

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Jenny wakes up on a strange planet, not remembering anything. The only other occupant seems to be a handsome four-armed, purple alien who needs to take in her essence to be able to communicate with her. As she grows closer to the alien and starts to remember more their bond grows stronger.

Astor sees the cute alien and instantly knows she is his. He will bond with her by his customs, and never let go. When it appears that human bonding ceremonies entail a bit more than he is used to, he is all in.

I couldn’t stop myself, as I dipped a finger in the cum on my chest, and lifted it up to my mouth. His taste exploded in my mouth, and I moaned as the fresh smell, and taste mingled on my tongue.
He growled low. “Mine.”
I gasped as I looked into his eyes. “You speak English?”
He shook his head, as he dipped his finger in his cum, and presented it to me again. “You took me inside of you, so we are bonded together. You’re mine. I will understand you, as soon as I take you inside of me.”
Another gasp escaped me, as he painted my lips with his cum, his finger gentle on my mouth. I couldn’t resist flitting out my tongue, to take his seed in me again.
“Pink,” he growled, as his eyes focused on my tongue.
I couldn’t resist the urge to slowly lick my lower lip to gather all his cum, earning another strangled groan from him. Arousal coursed through me, and I could feel my insides clench around nothing.
“Please let me taste you,” he said, as he lowered himself to his knees, crawling closer to me.
How could I resist a handsome alien, begging to go down on me?

Reader advisory: This story contains explicit sex scenes between a human, and a four-armed humanoid alien.

Bonded to the Purple Alien is an 11k words, erotic, scifi, Human FMC, Alien novella. Explicit sex scenes, standalone, no cheating or cliffhangers.

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