Stretched by the Gargoyle by Delilah Dare

Stretched by the Gargoyle by Delilah Dare

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If she thinks I’ll be gentle just because it’s our first time, she’s mistaken.


I do yoga on my balcony every morning, hoping to catch the gargoyle gardener’s attention. I’ve pined in silence for years, wishing he would relieve me of this ache.


After years of waiting, the human lets slip the name of her tormentor in her sleep. When I return from taking care of the pest, I finally knock on her door.

I require vengeance for all the mornings she spent teasing me from her balcony.

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Stretched by the Gargoyle is a romantic erotica with slice-of-life vibes in an elemental world.

Content includes:

  • Free use yoga session
  • Caught in public
  • Detachable peens & a naughty gargoyle who isn’t afraid to lick them clean
  • Touch her and die
  • Rich gargoyle protector-turned-gardener
  • Years of pining lead to fast burn
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