The Wanton Witch & The Werewolf by Quinn C. Chonk

The Wanton Witch & The Werewolf by Quinn C. Chonk

The traveling witch Orrla Larimar bucks tradition wherever she goes. Queer, covenless, and curvy, she flies throughout the floating Aer Isles to peddle alchemic wares and have fun along the way. She’s returning to the remote Hillside’s Rest for the annual Nighteye Festival.

Local werewolf Dagwood Dolfsooki aims to show the good witch a good time–but is honestly surprised when she invites him to participate in some more intimate magic. But the festival itself doesn’t quite go as planned. Chaos interrupts the evening revelry. The visiting witch is spurred into action. After draining herself of arcane energy, Orrla’s wants become needs; luckily, Dag is just the werewolf more than willing to put his various full-moon-given gifts to good use.

The Wanton Witch & the Werewolf is a 19k word novella featuring cozy, slice-of-life fantasy; steamy scenes of sensual spice; and developed characters living in a complex world. This tale is a friendly adult MF monster romance between a queer woman witch and a trans man werewolf–and is the first episodic story in the Aetherial Afterglow series.

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