Fallen for the Two-Headed Dragon by Delilah Dare

Fallen for the Two-Headed Dragon by Delilah Dare

When treasure falls into a dragon’s lair, it rightfully belongs to the dragon who dwells there…

Dana’s 3-year relationship ends on a high note when she’s sent careening down the mountainside, straight into a junk-riddled bear cave.

Rathym, a stringent 500-year-old dragon, begrudgingly quells his impulse to pursue the enrapturing new treasure that is rightfully his. As a high-ranking official in his homeland, he must attend to a pressing matter that requires him to venture home after centuries of isolation.

Dana, a recovering good girl, is inevitably captured by the fearsome beast. Is it bad she’s kind of relieved? Wounded, broken, and buried under her grumpy companion’s lavish gifts, she has a choice: stay in her safe glass box or start choosing herself.

Unable to deny his visceral attraction, Rathym finds himself in a perplexing position. If his homeland has embraced interspecies mating, why is he so terrified to open his heart?

Fallen for the Two-Headed Dragon is a 40k-word binge-able standalone romance story. For a list of sensitive content, please see the author’s website.

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