Monster Hunter’s Match by Vivian Nix

Monster Hunter’s Match by Vivian Nix

She’s hunting him.
He shouldn’t like it.

Neither should she…

Seasoned monster hunter Lilly Winters gets more than she bargained for when she enters a crumbling Victorian estate. Her task? Find and kill the monster lurking within.

As a snowstorm settles in, though, her target reveals he isn’t what she expected. Apparently, he doesn’t want what she expected, either.

As her stint in the house wears on, Lilly’s foe grows bolder, and Lilly has to change her tactics.

What’s that old saying about catching more flies with honey? Perhaps that idiom can apply to monsters, too…

(Please note the first several episodes of this e-book were previously available under the same title on Kindle Vella)

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