Programmed for Love by Lyonne Riley

Programmed for Love by Lyonne Riley

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Lela Talbot works on a long haul ore freighter, traveling between the Cloud and Earth. When someone aboard the ship tampers with the engines, Lela is called in to help—along with D-084, the cool, collected, kind android that Lela has been crushing on for weeks.

While saving the day, it becomes clear that D returns Lela’s interest. But as things heat up between them, Lela fears exposing her feelings to an android who can’t possibly return them.

When their saboteur returns, jeopardizing their trip home, D and Lela will have to work together to solve the mystery. Can she keep it casual, or will she give in to her love for an android who can’t love her back?

This is a super steamy sci-fi romance novella (40k words) about an android MMC, the strong, smart FMC who loves him, and their journey to discover whether an artificial intelligence can feel love.

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