Broken and Bonded by V.T. Bonds

Broken and Bonded by V.T. Bonds

The ISC stripped everything from me. My memories. My dynamic. My hope.

I’ve built a new life for myself by becoming the best doctor in The Fleet, but the demons of my past continue to haunt me. Feeling trapped on base, I accept a mission to visit the refugee camps hidden around the world.

Except, when I climb into the transporter, I know I’ve made a terrible mistake.

The demon alpha I’ve avoided for nearly a decade stares back at me. With his powerful bodydelicious scent, and glowing eyes, he triggers every warning bell I possess.

Will he conquer the demons of my past, or become my worst nightmare?

**This story is knot for the faint of heart. It is a dark, action-packed, forced proximity Omegaverse romance with serious touch-her-and-die vibes set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.**

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