Bigfoot Boss by Luna Cantrip

Bigfoot Boss by Luna Cantrip

A grumpy Bigfoot billionaire, his awkward human assistant, and a half million dollar date…

Bailey isn’t good at stuff, she’s used to trying new things and failing repeatedly, but she’s determined that new job is going to last, she’s willing to do anything to make sure it does.

Even if it means dating her stern cryptid boss.

Sacha Kwatch has spent years convincing society he’s more than a monster, he’s a responsible businessman. But when a beautiful woman walks into his office his mating bond snaps into place awakening his most primal urges.

He needs her. So he offers her the one thing she needs in return, money.

Bailey knows it’s ridiculous to date your boss, but who turns down half a million dollars? She’s determined to get her money but the more time she spends with Sacha the more she begins to think she might be able to trust his declarations of love. Is it ridiculous to think she can have her payday, and eat it too?

Cryptid Billionaires is a series of low-angst high-steam standalone romances centered around employees at the tech company Encryptid, each book features a love story for a different kind of cryptid with a guaranteed happily ever after.

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