Trick or Orc by S.J. Sanders

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Series: #7
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Kassie Edwards—When a messy divorce, an absentee father who can’t even bother to call, and small-town gossip leaves my kids hurting, I decide that it’s time for a fresh start. Armed with our few possessions and limited savings, we move across realms to help out at my—until recently fellow-divorcee—best friend’s new cafe, The Spiced Pumpkin, just in time for the Halloween season. Ghostly goblins may have it in for me this time as everyone prepares for the greatest festival the village has ever seen. Pumpkin patches, carnivals, and a goblins’ ball are a delight, and I’m tempted to trust my heart again by an Orc whose confections are only as sweet as his heart.

Garval Ironclaw—Ever since the last harvest festival, I haven’t been able to get a certain female out of my mind. Even now that I’ve hung up my battle axe in exchange for the warm comforts of a cozy kitchen in my own bakery inside of The Spiced Pumpkin. Co-owning this little establishment is a dream come true for this giant of an orc, but what I truly yearn for is the female I haven’t forgotten. The same female who is now working in the kitchen across from me. I can’t seem to stay away even when I know I should. And with the human festivities of All Hallows Eve bleeding into our quiet village, merging with our own traditions of Hallow Night, I’m eager to cook up a few memorable treats. I’m not such a fool that I cannot see that no sweet can compare to the lips of the female I wish to make my mate.

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