How to Claim a Human Mate by S.J. Sanders

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Series: #6
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Lynn Taylor: After fifteen years of marriage, I’m out. I’m finally free while my ex-husband has moved on to greener pastures. I don’t have much to my name outside of a failing coffee shop I inherited and my cat, Casper, but I’m determined to make it a success, even if that means scouting a new location for it. The last thing I want or need is to be dragged cross-portal to attend a harvest festival put on by brutish orcs. I can’t say no to my very determined best friend. Throw in an opportunity too good to pass up and I might just have to take a chance on a new future I never dreamed of. Even if I have to dodge a flirtatious orc with a gaudy fashion sense and a promise of forever in his eyes.

Bodi Ironclaw: As a bachelor orc in my prime, I can’t understand how it is that I’ve not found my mate. Surely it shouldn’t have been this hard to find my bloodbond? Sure, I have a few silvering hairs appearing, but I’m hearty as ever and determined to find my perfect one. With the harvest festival open to humans this year and bringing with it a delightful female with a passion for coffee who makes my blood sing, I’m starting to believe that this time things will turn around and I will be lucky in love. If only I can get my prickly female to see this warrior is the male meant for her.

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