Character Interview with Dhar from Monsters’ Treasure by Alana Khan

Character Interview with Dhar from Monsters’ Treasure by Alana Khan

Monsters’ Treasure, a dystopian reverse harem romance by Alana Khan, is now available!

On my 34th birthday, my husband’s “gift” is to banish me to the monsters Down Below.

When my husband’s lackey ruthlessly attacks me in this terrifying new environment, a half-monkey, half-man swings in from the trees and rescues me.

Azael provides the first gentle touch I’ve ever known.

It’s only after my heart opens to him that he reluctantly informs me all females must have at least three mates.

If three mates are the law of the land, then I will choose them. I will have one mate to love. The other two will advance my plans for revenge.

I choose two others—an arrogant orc and a handsome, insulting half-pegasus—but in my mind, my only mate is Azael.

Except… these monsters are more than they seem. I’m starting to wonder… is there enough room in my heart for three mates?

The third book in the Rescued by the Monsters series is a dystopian, why-choose monster romance by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan.

No cheating. No cliffhangers. Guaranteed love and happily ever after. Readers 18+.

Now, onto the interview with Dhar, the orc from Monsters’ Treasure!

Where do you live?

I live in the Down Below. All the monsters do. I’m the orc chieftain. I keep my clan busy traveling. Usually we go from battle to battle. Sometimes we stop to party.

Where are you from?


How old are you?

It’s hard to track. I figure maybe thirty turns of the seasons.

What are you called? Nickname?

It depends on if you like me or not. Dhar or Chief if you respect me. You call me ugly names if you don’t. But I guarantee you’ll die by my hand with one of those names on your lips if you choose to disrespect me like that.

How would you describe your looks??

Why would looks matter? I can either fight and use my strong right arm or not. But just like all my clan, I’m green-skinned with ivory tusks. I like my hair in a braid. That way it stays out of my way in a fight.

What kind of childhood would you say you had?

My parents died so I was raised by many in my clan. It taught me how to run fast, fight well, and let nothing hurt me.

How do you deal with conflict and change?

I change when it’s necessary for the survival of my clan. I win all conflicts. At least I did until I met my ‘Dira. She owns my heart. I seldom win conflicts with her. Between you and me, she’s almost always right.

Who else is in your life?

My other two mates. Azael, he’s the head of the monk troop. A strong, sly one he is. He’s the wisest of us. And Thallose. He’s the winged male who caught Nadira’s eye. She finds him pretty, but he was a bastard—until he fell in love with her. We’ve created a strong, loving bond, the four of us.

What is your goal or motivation?

If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have told you my goal was to fight the other clans. Today I’d say it’s to be a good father to my babes, love my mates, and fight the fuckers in the towers Up Above until they stop stealing our children.

What was your first date like?

Nadira was looking for a mate. I was willing to make a contract, but wanted to make sure my cock would fit in the little human’s hole. Why else would I want to have a female?

I pulled my cock out and put it on the table so she could take a look and tell me if it would fit. I believe she called me an ass. Then we agreed to be mated.

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