Bound to the Orc Warlord by Krista Luna

Bound to the Orc Warlord by Krista Luna

One wish changes my life forever. Now I’ve got an extra-grumpy “married at first sight” orc husband.

Getting caught blowing the whistle on a mob boss isn’t the worst part of my day. No, that would be getting sucked through a portal to Faerie. Or finding out I’m a witch who can fly… very, very badly. Or fighting off a soul-sucking fae who wants to drain me dry.

Or getting stuck in a tree, flashing an orc my hot-pink panties.

Actually, that last one might not be so bad. Dravarr’s scowls highlight his smoldering eyes and sharp cheekbones, and his touch makes me swoon. Especially since he has to hold me all day and night to keep me from floating away.

But the soul-sucking fae come back. And a meddling goddess plays matchmaker and marries me to the grumpy orc warrior! I don’t want to be Dravarr’s wife of duty. How can I become the bride of his heart?

Bound to the Orc Warlord is a steamy fantasy monster romance featuring a grumpy orc warrior who falls hard and a sunshiny heroine ready to soar. Welcome to the Moon Blade Clan, where heart-melting romance, toe-curling steam, magic, and adventure combine into stories you’ll devour.

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