Character Interview with Sul from Wanted by the Alien Rogue by Krista Luna

Wanted by the Alien Rogue, a sci-fi romance by Krista Luna, is now available!

The huge blue alien says I’m his wife. But I can’t afford to be distracted by his bulging muscles… or his wicked tail.


Blue aliens rescued me from cryosleep, but others weren’t so lucky. As head pilot of the expedition, I’ve got a duty. Find the missing human ship and fly the women to safety.

I partner with a handsome mountain of an alien warrior. Sul’s boisterous and fun and fine as hell. He makes me enjoy life in a way I’ve never known.

When our search for clues takes us to an exotic planet, mobsters force us to hide in a pleasure house. I’ve never felt desirable before, but Sul’s heated gaze and all these toys offer one hell of a temptation. Yet I can’t stray from my mission, no matter how much he makes my body soar.


I never thought a big brute like me would be worthy of a fated mate, let alone one as beautiful and talented as Mol-Lee.

I’ll do anything to please her, and she wants to rescue her ship from the Abyss. When we go undercover to discover how to survive that deathtrap, I put on the tiniest, most ludicrous outfit a male can wear. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, learn everything I can to pleasure my delectable mate.

Then I’ll make her mine.

Wanted by the Alien Rogue is a steamy alien romance featuring a virgin alien mercenary eager to learn and a driven heroine ready to discover the joy in life. Strap in for a fun ride filled with adventure, toe-curling steam, and a heartfelt HEA.

Now, it’s time to meet Sul, the hero of Wanted by the Alien Rogue!

Where do you live?

On the spaceship Daredevil with my fellow mercs. We’re all Zaarn males who’ve been banished from our home world for not finding our fated mates.

How old are you?


How would you describe your looks?

[throws arms wide and roars with laughter] Just look at me! I’m a huge brute of a Zaarn, over seven-foot tall, even without my upper horns. I have a second set of horns that curve down around the sides of my head. My hair’s inky black, my eyes are purple, and my skin shades from teal to blue to purple. My tail’s been blue my entire life, but the moment I met my fated mate, the triangular tip turned purple and started to vibrate.

Any hobbies?

Fighting, drinking, and having a great time. Never had luck with females before, but I’m going to keep practicing this “kizzing” thing on my Mol-Lee until she’s mine. Then I’ll kizz her some more. Everywhere.

What is your fated mate like?

Mol-Lee is my soul’s breath, gifted to me by the Goddess. My mate is an excellent pilot, who loves to fly. She is tiny, beautiful, and talented. I am the luckiest of males.

How do you deal with conflict and change?

Conflict is easy–I pound my fists into any obstacle until I win.

Change? I frekking love change! When I had to leave home, I discovered what I was finally good at–fighting and spacewalk maneuvers. I’m now the ship’s expert at flying in a spacesuit. And change brought me my Mol-Lee, the love I never thought to find.

Who else is in your life?

Gravin, the grumpy frek, is as true a friend as they come and a good male to watch your back in a fight. And Kirel’s too frekking clever for his own good, but he puts those smarts to work for me and our missions all the time. A male couldn’t ask for better friends.

What do you want most?

To help Mol-Lee find the ship full of frozen human women. Then she’ll know how good of a mate I am and accept my mating heat and knot.

What was your first date like?

Mobsters jumped us in the middle of our mission. Once I fought them off, we were forced to hide out in a pleasure house. The fancy room came with a sex swing, and my Mol-Lee loves to fly.

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