Halloween Craving by Lisa Freed

Halloween Craving by Lisa Freed

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Finally, I meet a girl good enough to eat.


Decades of loneliness land me smack dab in the middle of a monsters singles party, in search of someone to spend eternity with. When my eyes connect with the bright green ones of a beautiful mummy, my unbeating heart twitches. Unwrapping her bandages reveals no undead princess, but a very much alive human woman. My monster filled world is too deadly for her. But letting her go will kill me for good.


A ticket to a swanky Halloween party is just the trick I need to escape the humdrum of the daily grind. I never expect to fall for a sweet guy in zombie make-up. Taking him home is a no-brainer until I find out I crashed the wrong party. My hopes for our future unravel as he reveals he’s a real zombie. But I can’t bury my growing feelings.

Why can’t a living woman make it work with an undead monster?

A Monstrous Mistake
On Halloween night, the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and the monsters have come out to play. Meanwhile, our human leading ladies are ready to celebrate the holiday in style – with some hot men in costumes. The only problem? They haven’t yet noticed that the fur and fangs on their sexy men are entirely real. Will mistaken identity lead to love, or have these women made a monstrous mistake?

This book is part of a multi-author collaboration celebrating the spirit of Halloween and monster romance.

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