The Unicorn’s Mare by S.J. Sanders

The Unicorn’s Mare by S.J. Sanders

Steph Bennet has a 5 year plan to get ahead despite the new challenges that have come with the fae crossing into the human world. Regardless, she is focused on her goals, and that doesn’t include a shape shifting unicorn who insists that she is his mate and the only key to his survival and getting his waning powers returned to him.

This can be negotiated…right?

Not wanting to be anyone’s mate but also not wanting to be responsible for the death of a unicorn, she will pose as his mate and go with him across fae territory to the Heart of Wells in the golden grotto. Once his powers are restored and the magic binding them severed then it’s contract fulfilled and she can get back on track. No problem. Now if only she can just get rid of the rag tag band of fairies out for a nibble on blood infused with unicorn magic and make it there in one piece. She is prepared for anything except falling in love.

Eliph, like most unicorns, has waited centuries to find his mare, his perfect mate. He will allow her to think that there is escape but she will soon find out that fae matings, especially among unicorns, are forever.

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