Fake Dating the Dragon by Lilith Stone

Fake Dating the Dragon by Lilith Stone

This dragon is about to set her heart on fire!

Shy virgin, Minerva Westwind always thought she’d grow old running the Westerly bookshop, on the outskirts of Motham City. But now the human authorities want to sell the building and she can’t afford to buy it.

Enter Dragon entrepreneur, Ethan Blade. His proposal to build an airport on human-owned land has stalled because of his monster heritage. Seems like he needs a personal relationship with a high-breed human before his bid will be considered. And he’s prepared to pay Minerva a hefty sum to play at being his human love interest.

Minerva and Ethan soon find out there’s more to their fake-dating arrangement than money changing hands. Ethan can’t believe how good having Minerva in his home feels. She even manages to calm down his Mom’s anxiety and his younger brother’s unruly behavior.

As for Minerva, Ethan seems to have a knack of making her feel… very steamed up. In the best possible way.

When Minerva and Ethan are required to prove to the human authorities that their relationship is the real deal, their chemistry is set to sizzle off the charts…

Find out if fake dating turns into true love in this steamy, sweet monster romance with a hint of magic and intrigue in the mix.

Book 4 of Motham City Monsters, Fake Dating The Dragon can be read as a standalone. It is intended for mature readers.

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