The Changeling and the Dragon by Mallory Dunlin

I’ll do anything to prove my love—but how can one woman ever hope to protect a dragon?

Stolen as a baby and raised unseelie, I don’t belong anywhere. I once ran with the faery hunters, but the past seven years in the mortal world have taught me what it’s like to be the prey of men.

So when I’m saved from certain death by a part-dragon sorcerer, I expect to become his plaything.

I never thought I’d be treated like family. To run through the woods again, my days filled with laughter.

To fall in love.

He’s my master, and I know I can’t have him. But when someone tries to kill him – when someone dares to hurt him – I’ll stop at nothing to protect the man who gave me everything.

I would die for him.

But I’d much rather kill for him.

“The Changeling & the Dragon” is a standalone high fantasy romance that pairs a cunning dragonblood sorcerer with a fiery changeling, filled with mutual pining and near-misses that come to a satisfying happily-ever-after ending.

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