Uptown Ogre by Ava Ross

Uptown Ogre by Ava Ross

A suit-wearing ogre is pretending to be my boyfriend, and I think I’m falling in love.

After being ousted from my small town by an underhanded wedding planner who is also now my ex, I moved to Monsterville for a fresh start. There, I find myself in direct competition with the hottest ogre in town, Raze. He’s too cocky and snobby for his own good, and he wears designer suits and ties all the time. I sometimes wonder if he wears them to bed.

When my ex shows up in Monsterville, determined to win me back, Raze steps in, offering to pretend he’s my boyfriend and business partner. Only when my ex tries to outbid me on a royal fae wedding do I agree. With our combined forces, Raze and I will win the job and send my ex packing.

The more time I spend with Raze, however, the more I wish he was my real boyfriend. Can I convince him that an ogre and a human are the perfect monster match?

Uptown Ogre is set in the Monsterville, USA Series. Each book is standalone and is best if read in order (see below). Expect romantic hijinks with monsters, heat, and a happily ever after.

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