Corrupted Mate by Trish Heinrich

“If I can’t have her love, I’ll take her hate.”


Once, we’d promised each other forever. But then I destroyed her world and scattered her people across the galaxy. It’s no surprise she tried to kill me. Twice.

For the past seven years, every action I have taken, every lie I have lived has been to earn her forgiveness. Now I’m with her again, fighting by her side. But instead of love, when she looks at me there is only hatred.

One day, she could forgive me, but as our fight to free my people escalates into a hopeless battle, I know that my time is running out. Althea might live to fight another day, but it looks as if I will pay the price for my betrayal.

Corrupted Mate is a standalone sci-fi romance in the Infinite Unions series. It has an alien MMC who would do anything for her, a fire brand alien FMC, enemies to lovers for days, Klingon and Star Trek but SPICY vibes, and whole lot more. See authors website for content warnings.

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