The Bogeyman and the Schoolteacher by Chloe Archer

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Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters!

When Principal Emrys Bogey sets his sights on the new schoolteacher, Jayden Bell, he’s determined to win his heart. But as a bogeyman, he knows his unconventional nature and intimidating appearance might be too much for a human to handle. Can Principal Bogey find a way to woo his crush without scaring him away? Maybe there’s more to the sweet Jayden Bell than meets the eye…

Buckle up for the prequel ushering in a new cozy M/M monster romance series by Chloe Archer where the sparks fly and the spice sizzles!

Note: This 20k prequel short was previously part of the limited time only Class of 22/23 M/M Romance Prolific Works Giveaway in June 2023.

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