Surrendering to Scylla by Wren K. Morris

Surrendering to Scylla by Wren K. Morris

She was a sea monster who thrived on vengeance, until one soft-hearted sailor ruined it all.

Scylla was a free-spirited nymph until she caught the eye of a sea god and a jilted goddess transformed her into a sea monster. She swore to take her vengeance from any male who sailed too close to her cliff, but a captive with a heart of gold ruins her plans.

She can’t kill him, and worse than that, she’s attracted to him.

Ophelos has been at the mercy of others his entire life. When a god leads his ship and crew to ruin, he awakens to find himself in the clutches of Scylla. She’s terrifying and powerful, but she’s also…more.

He finds himself empathizing with her. Understanding her. Falling for her.

As two broken beings try to find solace in each other, they must let go of their pasts to move forward. If that wasn’t enough, the gods aren’t done meddling in their lives, and Scylla and Ophelos must challenge the very deities that cursed them in the first place to survive.

Surrendering to Scylla is a stand-alone romance novel in a shared universe. It has no cliffhanger and ends in a HEA. A full list of tropes and content notes are available on the author’s website.

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