Riding the Headless Horseman by Molly Likovich

Riding the Headless Horseman by Molly Likovich

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Arletta Harrington doesn’t believe in Death.

It’s Halloween in Sleepy Hollow and Arletta is spending the night selling tarot readings to her fellow townsfolk (the ones who don’t see her witchcraft as the work of the Devil that is). The people of Sleepy Hollow believe in many magical things but the one Arletta firmly doesn’t believe in is Death. The deadly rider of The Hollow. The Headless Horseman.

All of that changes when she encounters him on her late night walk. He senses how powerful her magic is and knows he has to have her. He whisks her away to his realm and tells her of his plans to make her his forever. Though she may be resistant at first after a passionate night spent with the messenger of Death, she isn’t so sure being his sounds like such a bad idea after all.

But Halloween can’t last forever…can it?

This book contains content that isn’t appropriate for all readers. Please check author’s website for a detailed list of content warnings.

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