Jack by Layla Fae

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Series: #1
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Jack is a monster full of tricks… with one very special treat in his pants.

Suzy is feeling lonely on Halloween. She performs a love spell, hoping to summon a nice, perfectly safe Mr. Hunky to keep her entertained… but she fails. The creature that answers her summons is neither nice nor safe, but oh boy, is he hunky!

Jack-o’-lantern is a devious ancient monster who once tricked the devil himself into granting him immortality. Now, Jack is here, a grinning pumpkin in the place of his head and a thing out of this world in his very bulging pants. The monster will have Suzy in every way he pleases, filling her close to bursting with his fertile seed… and nothing can hold him back.

This holiday erotic novella is over 10k word long, contains pumpkin-spice-flavored CREAM, and is for adult audiences only.

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