The Naga Hunter’s Lost Mate by Robin O’Connor

The Naga Hunter’s Lost Mate by Robin O’Connor

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I am caught by a beast but the longer he has me, the more I lose the desire to escape.


Everything is terrifying and strange on this alien planet I’ve crashlanded on. Especially the purple-scaled snakeman that ‘rescued’ me. When I run, he just follows me and I realize that maybe I don’t want to escape. How crazy is that?

When his Clan threatens me, we’re hunted, and there’s only one option. We run and surrender to the sizzling desire between us.


The scaleless female ignites my mating sigils. I catch her, never to let her go. She is curvy and tempting and when danger lurks I will do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means giving up all that I knew, even if it means abandoning my Clan.

For a chance at happiness in her arms? I would risk it all.

This is a standalone novella, prequel to the Serpents of Serant Series. This steamy sci-fi monster romance features one barbaric Naga, a savvy human woman, and a steamy HEA.

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