The Vishap’s Bride by Roslyn St. Clair

The Vishap’s Bride by Roslyn St. Clair

A nice girl from New Jersey and an ancient Armenian mythological monster- can their love survive the gods and her family?

Lucine hovers on the verge of being fired. Her boss is an idiot, she’s tired of dating nice boys to please her family, and most of all, she’s just exhausted. So when a hulking brute and his very odd dog show up at her office and kidnap her, she’s not quite sure what to think. She’s even more confused when Van’s glamour fades and he is revealed as a vishap, a snake-dragon from ancient Armenian myth. Surely, a good girl from New Jersey wouldn’t fall for a monster, only no one seems to have informed her body, her mind, or her heart of the impossibility.

Two thousand years ago, the gods imprisoned Van the vishap in a tomb of ice. When his best friend, Zezi, wakes him, he agrees to go on a quest for the Ring of Lust. Anything to get out of the icy cave. But when he meets Lucine, his attention shifts. She’s everything he never thought he needed: sweet and sour, fierce and gentle… she makes his fire burn brighter. Everything in him wants to either tear her apart or protect her, most especially from him. He’s danger on legs, not to mention the gods will want a word once they discover his escape, and the gods are nothing if not predictable.

Can their love succeed in the face of vengeful gods, her family, and a Thanksgiving meal?

Monstrous grooms and beastly brides? Don’t be afraid of falling in love… it’s super-natural! Explore the entire Monster Brides series, one tantalizing happily-ever-after at a time!

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