CinderBeast by Lilith K. Duat

What if Cinderella was the Beauty…

…and Prince Charming was the Beast?

Elly DeVerre is a ghost in her own life, invisible until she makes a mistake. Scarred by the fire that killed her father, Elly is hidden away by her step mother and forced to run their family-owned brothel, silent and unseen. Lurking in dark hallways, and the back of the kitchen, Elly anxiously awaits every whim and request. It’s a thankless life, one Elly is tired of living.

So, when the invitations for the yearly ball arrive at the brothel, Elly is determined to attend… and never to return. One night of fun, and then eternal peace.

Elly’s plans unravel when she meets Prince Ashton Thorn, who whisks her away to the royal hedge maze where she experiences passion and desire for the first time in her life. Until the clock strikes midnight and the prince leaves her lost in the maze… alone with the beast rumored to prowl somewhere within.

The beast at her side brings with it an ember of hope, the chance for a better life, of healing, and Elly is ready to see where the beast may take her.

CinderBeast is a steamy, spicy retelling of Beauty and the Beast with Cinderella trappings. It contains consensual romance between a human and a monster.

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