Oops, I Elf’d it Again by Ava Ross

Oops, I Elf’d it Again by Ava Ross

I’m teaching a gorgeous elf how to fit in with humans and now I’m falling in love.

With thirty-six looming on my horizon, I’m determined to have a child. I don’t need romance. I don’t need love. And I definitely don’t need a happily ever after.

When my friend talks me into attending an elf ball at an estate in Monsterville, promising I’ll find a guy there who’ll give me what I’m seeking, I agree to go with her.

I’m barely there when I fall into the arms of the most gorgeous elf I’ve ever seen, Tylik. He’s the LOTR elf of my dreams, so it’s a good thing I’ve sworn off romance.

Tylik needs someone to teach him how to fit in with human society. I need a bundle of joy. We’ll help each other, then end things with no looking back.

But between teaching Tylik how to drive and showing him that ice cream is amazing, I fall in love. What if he doesn’t feel the same?

Oops, I Elf’d it Again, Book 7 in the Monsterville, USA Series, is a spicy monster romcom. Each book is standalone and best if read in order (see below). Expect romantic hijinks with monsters, heat, and a happily ever after.

Monsterville, USA Series:

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