Whose Bed Have Your Claws Been Under by Ava Ross

My ex-boyfriend was transformed into a medusa, and he’s set his eyes on me.

Ten years ago, I was convinced I’d one day marry my high school boyfriend, Darrow. But when a mad scientist experimented on him and others in Petrified Woods, they were changed into monsters. My parents dragged me from town before I could make sure Darrow was okay. Not long after that, they told me he was dead.

Now I’m back in Petrified Woods to be the maid of honor at a friend’s wedding. And guess who’s the best man?


He’s not dead.

He’s mad at me for leaving him.

And his steely gaze could turn me to stone with a single glance.

Whose Bed Have Your Claws Been Under? is a part of the Monsterville, USA Series. Each book is a standalone but best if read in order. Expect romantic hijinks with monsters, heat, and a happily ever after.

Monsterville, USA Series:

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