The Kattos Waitress by Lizzie Strong

The Kattos Waitress by Lizzie Strong

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Minx owns the oldest standing pub in King’s Fall that has recently grown thanks to its rising popularity. This means a few things: renovation time, time to update the drinks and menu, and time to hire some more staff. Starting with one waitress shouldn’t be hard? Right?

Eloise Raven is a 25 year old divination wizard who hasn’t had luck finding jobs in her field now that she’s graduated from university. It’s hard for a human to keep up with more powerful Oracles when your visions are less impressive but more in-depth. Her cousin, Frank the bartender at Minx’s pub, gets her the job. The problem is, in a moment to prove her prowess as a divination wizard, she sees her own future with her new boss… in the walk-in cooler… and she’s calling him Daddy. But Minx is a grumpy, older Katto (Cat Folk) who can’t possibly be interested in the worst wizard in town, can he?

Eloise comes to learn that there’s more to Minx than battle scars, his rough but fluffy exterior, and his commanding presence. Minx comes to learn a new side of him when it comes to his good girl, and he’s willing to give her the world… something he’s never known he was capable of until she whimpered his name.

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