Scales Like Stars by D.J. Russo

Two men.
Two hearts.
One destiny.

Nearly a decade ago, Liam fell in love with the wrong guy: Kade, a young merman attending his high school via its exchange program. Graduation day came and went, and with it, Kade. Despite knowing better, Liam hadn’t been able to forget about Kade. A fated encounter brings the two of them together again in a way neither expected. After plummeting into the ocean from the tallest cliffs in town, Liam finds himself transformed into a merman. Now the two of them are reunited, but Liam can’t stay a merman forever…or can he?

Kade hadn’t been expecting to see his true mate ever again. In their younger days, the two shared a unique bond he knew would never be broken, not even in death. But, Liam is a human. A man he could never have, a man he shouldn’t be pining for, especially not for nearly a decade. When Kade rescues Liam from a near-death experience, he can’t believe his eyes. The human he loved so dearly has turned into a merman—something that’s never happened before. Kade has no time to rejoice, though. His people are in danger. Their reef is dying, and a malevolent creature he’s never seen might be behind it.

It will take all the courage Liam and Kade have to figure out a way to save the reef and stay together.

SCALES LIKE STARS is an adult m/m fantasy romance, the first book in the Scales Like Stars series. For more information, please visit the author’s website.

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