Monsters’ Manor by Leigh Miller

Monsters’ Manor by Leigh Miller

Welcome to Edgar’s Acres, where the frights are delightful and the shadows are always watching.

Losing my job was bad, but ending up on my witch of an aunt’s doorstep as a last resort is even worse.

Her offer? Embrace the magick I’ve always denied and come work for her at our family’s haunted manor. The one staffed by monsters who aren’t just people in costumes, including two in particular who draw me in immediately.

Renwick, the irritating, sexy demon who teases and taunts me to the very edge of my sanity. And Silas, the gentle, shadow-cloaked shade who only seems to want to protect me. They’ve got a history between them I’m not sure how I fit into, but as the autumn nights grow longer and darker, it gets harder and harder to stay away from either of them.

My aunt’s given me a deadline—accept my place amongst monsters and witches by Samhain night, or pack it up and head back to the mundane world.

Now, I’ll have to decide whether I’m brave enough to reach out and claim my two monstrous lovers and the powers I’ve always feared, whether I’m ready to step into this world of magick and dark desire.

Monsters’ Manor is an MMF why choose romance where the two love interests are also in a relationship with each other. There will be an HEA with no choosing between the love interests.

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