Halloween Encounter by Sibley Stamps

Halloween Encounter by Sibley Stamps

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A Close Encounter Of The Sexy Kind…

Newly single and stressed about her future after college, Nora is in no mood to party. When she steps out of the shower to find only a skimpy costume in her dorm room, though, she does join the campus-wide Halloween bash—to find her pranking roommate and wring her neck. Instead she finds Pascal, a smoking hot guy with purple skin, neon contact lenses, and prop tentacles sprouting from his back like wings. It’s a pretty weird costume choice. He’s awfully charming for a tentacle monster, though. She might not even mind the way he’s admiring her in her skimpy Halloween costume…

Pascal never meant to actually land on this planet. If his professor finds out the humans he’s been studying have seen him, it’s all over. When his ship has a malfunction, though, he has no choice but to descend to the surface and venture out on foot to find repair materials. There’s a big party going on, and though Pascal tries to stick to the shadows, he still runs into the gorgeous and very human Nora. She’s distracting in more ways than one—psychically compatible with him, and sharply intelligent. And she wants to touch his tentacles. He’s already here, so what could it hurt to stay for just one night?

(Halloween Encounter is a novella featuring alternating POVs, a psychic take on fated mates, a growly purple alien, a petite human who swears a lot, steamy scenes with tentacles, and a guaranteed HEA. ♥)

A Monstrous Mistake

On Halloween night, the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and the monsters have come out to play. Meanwhile, our human leading ladies are ready to celebrate the holiday in style – with some hot men in costumes. The only problem? They haven’t yet noticed that the fur and fangs on their sexy men are entirely real. Will mistaken identity lead to love, or have these women made a monstrous mistake?

This book is part of a multi-author collaboration celebrating the spirit of Halloween and monster romance.

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