Cocoa with Krampus by Nattie Rhodes

Cocoa with Krampus by Nattie Rhodes

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Krampus is looking for his demon Queen and his eyes are only on me.

My best friend tells me everything. She warned me I shouldn’t stay in New York for the imminent holiday season. She also said my supervisor is a jerk. What she didn’t tell me is that the evil King of Christmas is real.

When my sleazy boss tries to drug me, I escape… directly into the unnervingly warm arms of Peter Krampus.

He whisks me away to his annual Krampusnacht celebration. It’s hard to deny the reality of his black eyes and his moonlight-colored skin, but then he reveals himself in front of his followers, and that’s against the rules. He’s a fang-gnashing, chain-whipping demon in all his unholy glory.

As much as my body longs to be enveloped by his heated embrace, he’s killed for me. Despite his unnatural strength and ability to turn anything to coal, can he show me true love – and Christmas miracles – do exist?

I must make a choice, and our time together is limited. He’s banished to the South Pole for most of the year and the clock is ticking as we reach December 5th. Can I trust myself to make this decision before we’re inevitably forced apart?

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