Spanked by the Krampus by Lizbet Castle

Spanked by the Krampus by Lizbet Castle

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The Krampus can be so nice in oh-so naughty ways…

Konrad has spent centuries being the bad–and quite ugly–cop to his brother’s good cop. With a mouthful of fangs, a satyr’s body, and a heavy set of brutal horns on his head, how could he not be feared? But he hates every second he has to spend tormenting dreaming children.

Holly is a frost pixie who’s spent her life at the North Pole, tirelessly crunching numbers for the Naughty List. But something is wrong. Why aren’t the bad kids getting better? And why won’t Nico listen to her when she says that a new approach could change things for the better?

A spicy, sweet story about Fae working to change the world with a sprinkling of spanking, a smidge of soft maledom, and a dash of light discipline.

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