Sink Into Her by Elaine Daniels

Sink Into Her by Elaine Daniels

Resort pool manager Alex Irwin likes her simple life. She goes to work, then returns to her cozy home, with the occasional visit from her sister and best friend. But when she finds a mysterious body floating in the resort pool, everything changes. Especially when she realizes that body comes with blue skin and tentacles.

Who knew that krakens swam the Florida Keys?

The kraken, unable to remember even her name, must rely on Alex, a kind but prickly human, who reluctantly agrees to help her recover her memories while keeping her safe. There’s something about Alex that gives her hope and comforts her, despite her bleak circumstances. Why is she so drawn to the grumpy human?

How does Alex keep her ideal life while also maintaining a full-time job, nosey friends, and babysitting a mythical sea monster? Or worse, how does she keep the intriguing creature from spending her entire paycheck on crab legs?

While navigating their budding, messy feelings, the unlikely pair must unravel the mystery of the kraken’s memory loss and how she ended up at the resort. Will the two be able to ride the waves, or is it just a shipwreck waiting to happen?

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