Devour by Dae Storm

Devour by Dae Storm

Careful what you wish for…

When Renee Reynolds finds herself dumped by her long-term boyfriend in the middle of the pouring rain on her birthday, she wishes she could escape from her life. Standing furious in the middle of the street, Renee sees something she was never meant to, bringing herself to the attention of a very hungry… feline monster.

Unable to outrun the creature from beyond the realm of her beliefs, Renee is left in the claws of her captor: Hale.

Hale cannot let a human go knowing what she is; but there’s something different about this one.

Renee isn’t timid or weak, she’s a match aching to be lit and burns wildly. Hale finds herself captivated by the woman. Hungry for every inch of her. Regardless of the rules of the Midaworld she belongs to.

Alongside monster politics and Hale’s best friend Madriel, Renee quickly discovers just what she’s gotten herself into.

The worst part?

She’s not so sure she wants out.

Devour is a fast-paced sapphic demon-monster erotic romance that contains sensitive subject matter and explicit contentDevour is insta-lust to love. The primary couple is f/f but also includes hints of a queer platonic relationship with a non-binary side character.

Read the authors note and/or website for specific CWs.


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