Married to the Alien Rogue by Krista Luna

Married to the Alien Rogue by Krista Luna

The grumpy blue alien who rescues me is my husband. But how can I trust him… or his wicked tail?


I left Earth excited to create a new world for humans among the stars. Instead, gray aliens wake me from cryo to sell me to the highest bidder. Goodbye engineering degree! My days are reduced to playing in an alien jungle with lizard kids who think I’m nothing more than a pet.

Then a horned blue alien rescues me, whisking me away on the back of a dragon! Raxnor is seven feet of muscled strength and scowls, but he shields me from every danger. In his arms, I feel safe for the first time in this new world.

I start to fall hard. But the big grump hides everything behind even bigger walls. When his secret’s exposed, I realize I don’t know him at all. How can I give him my heart if I can’t trust him?


I’m on a mission to find the special metal that can protect us from the gray aliens’ telepathy. But first I have to rescue a Hyoo-mon female.

The second I meet Zo-Fee, her joyful presence resounds in my soul. She is my fated mate. She’s bubbly and bright and the best of everything.

Her expertise offers the best way to complete my mission and save both our peoples. But we’ll have to steal the necessary tech from the very lizards who caged her. When enemies close in, I’ll risk everything to protect her and win her heart.

Married to the Alien Rogue is a steamy alien romance featuring a grumpy mercenary who thinks he’ll never be loved and a sunshiny heroine ready to prove him wrong. Strap in for a fun ride filled with adventure, toe-curling steam, and a heartfelt HEA.

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