Bonded to the Alien Rogue by Krista Luna

Bonded to the Alien Rogue by Krista Luna

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The blue alien who rescues me from pirates says we’re married. As if! But he’s so damned tempting… as is his wicked tail.


All the bigwigs on Earth said I’d have a bright future in space. Yeah, right! They obviously knew nothing, ’cause I’m sweating in the bows of an alien pirate ship. The lizards who captured me figured out right quick I’ve got a way with machines.

Thank god, I’ve concocted one hell of an escape plan.

Then he waltzes into the middle of it, seven-feet of handsome wrapped in blue skin and horns. Human guys never wanted me, but Tark doesn’t even bother to say hello. Nope! I get the alien who leaps straight to, “We’re married!”

Tark looks at me like I hung the moon, and the heat of his touch gets my motor running. But I’ve got zero experience, ’cause I’ve been fooled before.


Even though I’m in the middle of an important mission, I jump at the chance to rescue a Hyoo-mon female. After all, she might be my fated mate.

And she is! Ell-Laa is big, strong, beautiful… and grumpy. But I don’t care. My best friend’s a grump, and I speak their secret language. Her frowns can’t hide her big heart.

Or the way she breathes my name when I touch her.

When enemies threaten to tear us apart, I fight for her. I’ll risk everything to protect her, do anything to claim her.

Ell-Laa is mine.

Bonded to the Alien Rogue is a steamy alien romance featuring a sunshiny mercenary eager to do anything for his mate and a grumpy, untouched heroine ready to trust in love. Strap in for a fun ride filled with adventure, toe-curling steam, and a heartfelt HEA.

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