The Revenant’s Heart by Skyla Gray

The Revenant’s Heart by Skyla Gray

Can a dead heart learn to beat again?

After dropping out of med school, Lucy Sullivan thought her skill with a scalpel would only be useful for her hobbyist taxidermy. But life takes another unexpected turn when she becomes the doctor for a most unusual patient: one who’s already dead. Or undead, rather.

Subject X-14, “The Revenant” – aka Victor – may be a collection of stitched-together corpses with a hunger for human flesh, yet Lucy soon finds herself grappling with unexpected fondness for her patient. In spite of her general fear of getting close to people, she wants to make him happy just as badly as she wants to cut him open and figure out what makes him tick.

But when Victor uses her as a hostage and kidnaps her, Lucy becomes a pawn in his plot to take out his cruel creator. They say if you seek revenge, you should dig two graves – and with Lucy caught up in this scheme, it might just be three. Can she save Victor before he loses himself to his desire for vengeance, or will he drag her down with him?

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