Yours, Insatiably by Aveda Vice

Avirin understands hunger.

With her ravenous desire to succeed, it’s no surprise she hides her monstrosity from the world. Easier said than done once she sleeps with her infuriating coworker and lets her succubus secret slip. But it’s a one-time thing; she’s not jeopardizing her career over a night with Pye…

No matter how much she can’t stop thinking about it.

Pye understands hunger, too.

Being famished for something they can’t have, mouth watering at the sight of her…but Pye and Avirin agreed to be friends, and since faeries can’t lie, he’ll keep his late-night thoughts to himself. But when Pye introduces Avirin to the world of monsters she’s long avoided, they both have a hard time forgetting what they did together…

And a harder time remembering why they can’t cross that line again.

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