Whispers of Dragons by Dolly Nightmare

Whispers of Dragons by Dolly Nightmare

Romance between King Orval and Queen Vrai of Oria continues to blossom in their travels to the snowy North, especially after the discovery of the Queen’s pregnancy. Hopes and expectations of the first Ice Dragon lingers amongst their subjects and rumors spread whether the Queen can actually birth the desired heirs of the throne.

But pregnancy and birth isn’t the only thing the newly Queen is worried about, but the Duke which currently houses them in his eerie castle. He seems to be holding many secrets, ones when revealed will shock those who find out.

New and old faces show themselves from the shadows and threaten the lives of the growing royal family, the very existence of the throne on the line. Will things ever get better or will things only continue to grow worse, provoking the war hungry Fire Dragon King?

Most important of all, will the King and Queens love prevail in these trying times?

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