Voices in the Dark by Ariel Dawn

Voices in the Dark by Ariel Dawn

A haunted house. A protective gargoyle. A past that controls the future.

For Jenna Hellsing, the sleepy little town of Ashwood, Oregon seems to be the perfect place to hide and start over, to quiet the demons, even if it’s in a house haunted by shadows… but the darkness isn’t ready to let her go.

As Jenna attempts to navigate her new life, will she be able to resist the voices of the past? Especially the ones she hears in the dark.

Degal’s heart is colder than stone. After all, he’s been separated from his mates for more than a century. The broody gargoyle has only one focus: To protect the legendary Ashwood Manor.

When a fearless young woman buys his home, can Degal find a way to ignore the undeniable bond he feels?

Voices In The Dark is a steamy, monster-filled, paranormal why choose romance and may contain scenes sensitive to some readers. Those who enjoy the dark and gritty tales of Anne Rice or Anita Blake may find these books of kindred similarity.

Scroll up and delve into book one of this enchanting dark romance duet today.

Trigger warnings: www.ariel-dawn.com/about-4

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