Viper by Naomi Lucas

Viper by Naomi Lucas

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Series: #1
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Long have we been alone.

Without brides, without females to warm us during the long nights. Without sweet mates.

But we see them, from afar, brides that could be ours. Kept away from us by walls and weapons. Females we long for greatly.


Human females.

And the one with red hair? I want her. I saw her first. I will fight to the death for her.

She is MINE.

So, we’ll come together and make an exchange with their men that will benefit us all.

After that?

To the winner goes the spoils…

Let the hunt begin.

But the red-headed female is MINE.

Viper is the first book in a series of Bride Hunting Aliens. With the charm of a snake, and the wiles of a devil, these males will do anything, and I mean anything, for their females.

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