Victoria’s Embrace by Stacy Jones

Victoria’s Embrace by Stacy Jones

Victoria thought her biggest concerns were finding a place for herself on the slave planet and being secretly in love with her irresistibly sexy alien friends—playful Thegan, scowly Thorn, and enigmatic Vi’kail.

But then she stumbles upon a nefarious plot that gets the four of them sold into slavery. Complicated relationships should be the least of their worries… right?

Trapped and on the run in a dangerous alien city, with explosive trackers in their arms and enemies on their tails, won’t stop Thegan, Thorn, and Vi’kail from claiming Victoria as their mate. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and make her theirs.

But if they survive, will they still have a chance for their happily ever after when long buried secrets come to light?

Victoria’s Discovery and Victoria’s Embrace can be read on their own as a pair. However, they are better enjoyed after first reading the previous books in the Taken Series.

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