Thorne Of Blood by Ariel Dawn

An Omega on fire. Three potential mates. An unexpected twist.

For Clementine Srirocco, her heat is all consuming.

To make matters more complicated, the mate she longs for is a hunter, and her pack mate has been helping her cover it up for a year. With her Alpha away on pack business, and her mate out of reach, Cleo isn’t sure she will survive the heat much longer.

When a vampire attack on the Thorne Estate lands her ally in the hands of the enemy, Cleo will stop at nothing to rescue her prospective mate. Even if it means seeking out the aid of Malcolm and Alaric, both of whom will stop at nothing to claim her for their own.

Will Cleo be able to fight the bonds of fate? Or will her heat devour more than just the feisty Omega?

Thorne of Blood is book three in The Hunter Games series, filled with hungry hunters, vicious vampires, wicked werewolves, and other supernatural creatures.

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