Theos by Alana Khan

Theos by Alana Khan

When a pierced and furious pirate crashes into her life, Avalon finds herself disturbingly drawn to the dangerous male who threatens to tear her world apart.


As a woman alone in the lawless galaxy, my parents taught me to protect myself, even from intruders like the leather-clad pirate who crashed onto my property. Though his shocking piercings and electric blue gaze unsettle me, my body betrays me, pulsing with desire for him, no matter how I try to resist.

When he offers me safe passage from the enemies bent on killing us both, I have no choice but to accept the aid of this broody male I hardly know and cannot trust.

Now we’re crammed together in his tiny vessel—with only one bed. Can I resist the fiery lust arcing between us like a supernova?


After being shot out of the sky, the last thing I expected was to wake up staring down the laser rifle of a beautiful, ballsy woman. I know I should keep my distance, yet it takes all my willpower not to give in to my need to claim her.

I vow to deliver Avalon to safety, convinced it is the only way to protect her from the greatest threat—me. But I’m too selfish to walk away.

Crowded together in close quarters, how long can I deny what my heart knows—that she is meant to be mine?

This standalone in the Galaxy Gladiators series has everything you’ve come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Alana Khan—Action, danger, romance, and smokin’ hot spice.

If you like your heroes edgy and your heroines able to hold their own in a firefight, you’ll love Theos. This book has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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