The Sorceress and the Incubus by Mallory Dunlin

The Sorceress and the Incubus by Mallory Dunlin

To save a constellation, Rain fed her soul to the void. To save humanity, she’ll have to face annihilation.

Betrayal touched Rain’s life long ago—and left the night sky shattered. The powerful sorceress is the last thing standing between her world and apocalypse, capturing the meteors that still rain down from the broken sky. When a mouse disrupting her spell diagram nearly leads to the destruction of a city, she tries to summon a cat as a familiar to keep it from ever happening again.

Escaping death on the battlefield, an incubus answers instead.

The price of survival is service, and Saker is happy to pay it. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Rain doesn’t regret saving him, even fight his instincts and suppress his hunger. An incubus needs lust to survive, but he’s determined not to push the woman he’s falling in love with day by day.

Yet there’s no escape from a soul-bond, and the end of the world waits for no one. Rain must balance the demands of her life against the needs and desires of the incubus who shares her soul—and deal with the growing heat between them without losing her focus.

As they race to stop a meteor storm that will kill millions, they must learn to rely on each other… or perish.

“The Sorceress and the Incubus” is a complete story with a happily-ever-after ending, told with dual point-of-view. The first book in a new high fantasy romance series of linked standalones, this passionate tale of survival in the face of devastation features a swoon-worthy couple and a slow-burn romance sizzling with desire.

Echoes of the Void Series:

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